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Publication Fees

Each accepted paper will be charged, for publication and paper handling @ 55 USD per manuscript (for a maximum of 8 pages, above which 2 USD will be charged for every additional page) which is to be paid as per the instructions mentioned in the letter of acceptance of the manuscript submitted.
How to calcutate Publication fees for your manuscript:
For Bank Account Transfer: { [55 USD] + [2 USD * (No. of Pages more than 8 pages)]}
All manuscripts are to be submitted to the Editor. Please submit the following:
a) MS Word file included manuscript (IJTEMT SUBMISSION TEMPLATE.doc)
b) PDF file manuscripts
c) IJTEMT Copyright Form (Copyright Transfer Form.pdf)

Submit Manuscripts (as email attachments) to:,,

Procedure to make payment

How to pay Online?
Step 1- Select the Fees Amount from the Drop Down Menu Below
Step 2- Click on the Make Payment Button
Step 3- A new page of PAYPAL will open
Step 4- On the Bottom Right of the page there is a button of CREATE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT"And pay with your debit or credit card"; CLICK ON IT
Step 5- Enter your Details
Step 6- Click on Agree and Create Account
Step 7- Proceed to payment
Step 8- Done

Paper Handling Fees

Submit Paper till 20th April 2022 | Please Submit your Paper Here