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Conference on Contemporary Issues In Commerce Education In India, Powered by IJTEMT & IAAIRS

Commerce education is facing multiple challenges in the present scenario. On one hand it is a very popular discipline amongst learners at the graduate level but on the other at the post graduate level it appears to lose its sheen. In some cases it becomes a poor copy of MBA and in some cases it appears to have lost its direction. Very few research studies in commerce are of a good quality. Similarly very little thinking has been applied to diversify the discipline, e.g., it has long renamed a single department faculty of studies and in some exceptional cases one finds the existence of two or three departments under the Faculty of Commerce. Truly speaking, it has very badly curtailed the chances of commerce graduates for the civil services either at the State level or at the Central level. In this process, the discipline has experience a kind of retarded growth. On the other, it is a living discipline and it needs to keep pace with the changes happening locally as well as globally.

Thus, this conference aims to provide a forum for exchange of ideas on a few sub-themes identified for the purposes but these sub-themes are not exclusive rather it is an inclusive range of indications. The academicians are at the liberty to choose some other related sub-themes for discussion in the conference.

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