ISSN (Online: 2321-5518, Print:2348–2885)


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E-Banking Loyalty: A Review of Literature

Owing to the high costs involved in increasing the current client base, one of the main goals of banks and other financial services providers, which operate through the internet, should be to develop customer loyalty in order to improve their results. To achieve this aim, these companies face most vital challenge in providing and maintaining service quality. Service quality is an input of customer trust which becomes satisfaction and lead to loyalty as an output. But the research in the development of e-loyalty is scarce and partial. This paper attempts to accumulate literature in order to understand the overall structure of the formation of e-loyalty. The literature reviewed provide underlying patterns of relationships between e-banking loyalty and its influencing factors. Such understanding is relevant for academicians and researchers for furthering the work in this field. The insights into the previous studies, considered for this paper, are discussed and suggestions for future research are provided.

Neeli Prameela, Dr. B. Abdul Azeem, K.V. Geetha Devi

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