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Green Audit - A Boom to Human Civilization

"Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites". Corporate Social Responsibility may be a voluntary call but Corporate Environmental Responsibility is now mandatory. In this era of globalization as the money game is getting momentum but risk to human civilization is also getting deeper because of the inappropriate exploitation of natural and man- made resources. One of the most devastating risks that the business today poses to the world is pollution and we all know how terrible its effect could be on the growth and survival of human civilization. Green audit is a step to safeguard the interest of entire human race and to ensure that business follows appropriate standards of production. This paper is an attempt to know the meaning and process of green audit, essential pre-requisite for conducting green audit, necessary compliances with standards for environmental clearance of the project, offences and penalties for non-compliances, emerging professional opportunities in green sector, and report on green audit.

Shilpa Verma, Maria Ahmad, Ravindra Parwal

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