ISSN (Online: 2321-5518, Print:2348–2885)




Curriculum Vitae

Department of Maritime Technology
Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Science
University Malaysia Terengganu
Kuala Terengganu
Terengganu, 21030


Career objective
To undertake challenges with progressive people in progressive environment -To share my experience and Knowledge with others in order to exercise sustainable practice that will contribute significantly to the development need and future of the people and the planet.
To be a good ambassador of a community I am represent at all time. I have built a sound academic and professional foundation that cover holistic needs area of human biosphere and techno sphere -This is source of my source of strength to achieve these objectives.

Academic development
i. Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Marine Technology) - Safety and environmental Risk and
ii. Reliability Modeling for Sustainable Marine System), University Technology Malaysia, Johor,
Malaysia -2006-2009.
iii. M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, University Technology Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia, (2004-2006).
iv. Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Engineering (Electrical), State University of New York New York (1999-2003).
v. Associate Degree in Marine Engineering (Mechanical concentration), Federal College of Fisheries
and Marine Technology, Lagos (1992-1995).

Post PhD career development
University Malaysia Terengganu – Research fellow / Senior Lecturer (DS51) (2009 - Date) –Teaching and learning, Consultancy, R & D
Post Masters Degree career development
Malaysian Maritime Academy, Terengganu (2006 - 2009): Marine Engineering and Marine Technology lecturer - teaching Cadets, short courses training for professional in maritime industry, develop and improve academic and training curriculum, research and consultancy, engineering projects towards sustainability, energy and sustainable transportation.
Post Bachelor career development
University Technology Malaysia, Johor(2005- 2006): Teaching Assistance, Research Officer, PhD Researcher, Design and supervision of sustainable construction of ship. Review team for port navigation simulation studies under EIA, work for port construction project, teaching assistance, curriculum modules development for skill update on maritime technology and management of managers in maritime industry.
Askon Architect, New York, (2003 - 2004): Design engineer - Architectural design work

Post diploma and marine engineer license career development
i. Maersk line, Operation Officer (1996 - 1997): Port Operations - Maintenance administrative management and customer service => Tasked to take charge of vessel operation, maintenance scheduling, inventory update, vessel operation cost estimate, operation of EDI.
ii. Maersk Line (1995-1996): Management Trainee - All round professional and extensive training program in shipping business that entail operations, account, sales, documentation, administration, EDP network support, attends global quality seminars => Here I was a management trainee and got opportunity to be rotated in all department to lend the business of shipping operation and management.
iii. Nepline Berhad, Malaysia (Contract position, 1997): Fourth engineer officer - Tasked to assist Chief Engineer administrative work on board ship, supervise independent watch-keeping officer on board vessel. Update machineries running hours and execute their maintenance at planned time. Take full change and responsibility of maintenance of boiler and purifier.
iv. Seatime Shipping, Singapore (Contract position, 1998): Third Engineer - Tasked to take independent watch keeper on board high sea ocean going vessel. Manage engine room space. Assist Chief engineer in operations and administrative paper works. Take full charge / responsibility for running, and maintenance of auxiliary diesel generator.
v. Delad international, Florida (1998 - 1999): General administrative assistant - Account payable, receivable, payroll, and customer service. man responsibility as personal to the managing director on major company functionality requirement and lifeline duties

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