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Guidelines for Paper Submission

Guidelines for submission and Review Process

Guidelines for submission and Review Process

IJTEMT review process goes through following phases which can take time from ten to sixty days:
a. Initial Evaluation for Plagiarism by Editorial Board using appropriate software.
b. Manuscript passed through screening will be forwared for Double-Blind-Peer-review process. During this period reviewers shall treat the contents of papers under review as privileged information.
c. The reviewers' recommendations determine whether a paper will be ACCEPTED / Accepted subject to change / Subject to Resubmission with significant changes / REJECTED. Papers once Submitted & Published cannot be withdrawn.
d. For papers which require changes, the same reviewers will be used to ensure that the quality of the revised paper is acceptable.
e. All papers are refereed and the Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse any manuscript, whether on invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication.

Topics on Economics & Management

Submit Paper

Submission of Paper will take place in two phases

a. Initial Paper Submission: Prospective author (s) is/are encouraged to submit their manuscript including charts, tables, figures and appendixes in .pdf and .doc (both) formats to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. Articles submitted to IJTEMT should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
b. Final Paper Submission: On the acceptance of the paper after completion of the review process, the author (s) is/are has/have to submit full text paper in .doc and .pdf (both) format to [email protected] along with the signed copy of copyright transfer form.


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Publication fees

Publication fees

Each accepted paper will be charged, for publication and paper handling @ 100 USD per manuscript (for a maximum of 8 pages, above which 5 USD will be charged for every additional page) which is to be paid as per the instructions mentioned in the letter of acceptance of the manuscript submitted.
How to calculate Publication fees for your manuscript:
For Bank Account Transfer: {[100 USD] + [5 USD * (No. of Pages more than 8 pages)]}
All manuscripts are to be submitted to the Editor. Please submit the following:
a) MS Word file included manuscript (IJTEMT SUBMISSION TEMPLATE.doc)
b) PDF file manuscripts
c) IJTEMT Copyright Form (Copyright Transfer Form.pdf)

Submit Manuscripts (as email attachments) to: [email protected], [email protected].

Open Access License Policy

Copyright Form & Undertaking

Open Access Author's Agreement & Copyright

It is important that authors must understand how licenses impact on the publication, circulation and use of their research work. In order for us to do our job of publishing and disseminating your research article we need publishing rights, and this can be achieved through copyright transfer which means an exclusive right to publish and distribute an article.
Each manuscript must be accompanied by a statement (copyright form) stating that it has been neither published nor submitted for publication, in whole or in part, either in a serial, professional journal or as a part in a book which is formally published and made available to the public. For the mutual benefit and protection of authors and publishers it is necessary that authors provides formal written consent to publish and transfer of copyright before the publication of the article. Author's rights to reuse and post their own articles published by IJTEMT are defined by IJTEMT's copyright policy. 'However author's are permitted to use their selected manuscript or published manuscript for any of these scholarly and non-commercial purposes'*. Author's can use their manuscripts:

1. for inclusion in a thesis or dissertation with proper reference citing from IJTEMT.

2. for reusing part or extract from the article for other research with proper reference citing from IJTEMT.

3. for sharing your article among your colleagues only for non-commercial scholarly research purpose.

4. in subsequent compilation of their work.

5. at a conference, meeting or for teaching purposes by only presenting and not by publishing.

6. for training of employees of a company/institution.

*Please note this excludes any systematic or organized distribution of published articles. And the fundamental rights needed to publish and distribute an article remain with IJTEMT.

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